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    The minimum hiring age for all car classes is 23 years.
    The driver is requested to provide a valid credit/debit card accepted by SUNTRAIL to cover any charges including the deposit and rental fees for all car classes.
    The driver is required to hold a license for at least one year.
    All fines and administrative penalties resulting from the driver's fault shall be fully paid by the driver.
    All drivers authorized by SUNTRAIL are insured against third party liability.
    The driver's liability for damage to the rented vehicle may be reduced, provided that the Highway Code is not violated, to a minimum charge of €500 for any car class by paying the amount of €9 respectively per rental day. CDW does not cover damage that affects the undercarriage, wheels and tires.
    Free of charge.
    The customer is required to drop off the vehicle with the same amount of fuel in the tank at pick-up.
    Available upon request and at a charge of €3 per day.
    The company reserves the right, depending on availability, to change the car model of the original reservation with a similar or superior class car.
    For pick-up/drop-off locations other than SUNTRAIL designated points a fee of €10 applies, excluding Kamares.
    The renter shall return the car or motorcycle to SUNTRAIL along with all documents, equipment and accessories accompanying it, in the exact same condition and at the same level of fuel when picked up, at the place and time specified herein. Otherwise, in the event of late drop-off, the renter will be charged the standard daily rate by SUNTRAIL, as well as an additional penalty for any positive and consequential damages.
    SUNTRAIL reserves the right to recover and repossess the vehicle at any time without prior notice or the renter's consent, but at the renter's expense, from anywhere and by any means, in case where in SUNTRAIL's reasonable opinion there is a risk of damage or loss of the vehicle as well as a risk of loss of rental income and any other applicable charges or losses. SUNTRAIL has the right, in addition to the above case, to recover and repossess the vehicle if and insofar as it was or is used in violation of the terms of the agreement or the agreed rental term
    The renter is liable to SUNTRAIL, as well as any third party in case of theft, loss or damage of the vehicle, or injury of third parties (including other passengers), as well as indemnify SUNTRAIL for any positive or consequential damages that the company may suffer. The repair of the vehicle by the renter, in case of damage during the rental, is forbidden. The renter is liable for any mechanical damage or replacement of tires of the rented vehicle.
    The renter shall take care of the vehicle, maintain it in good condition, check its mechanical condition, oil and water levels, tires, etc. and generally exercise reasonable care. Any repair of the vehicle by the renter or third party is prohibited without prior approval by SUNTRAIL. Prohibited uses of the vehicle include the following cases: (a) transporting persons or cargo for a fee; (b) towing vehicles or other objects; (c) on a racetrack or for racing; (d) subleasing to third parties; (e) for purposes contrary to Greek laws; (f) if the renter or the additional driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance affecting the driver's senses and ability to drive; (g) in violation of any customs, traffic or other regulations; (h) by any third party, other than the renter and any additional drivers for whom the renter has accepted the daily charge for additional drivers, as stated on SUNTRAIL's official price list; (i) transporting or moving heavy baggage, flammable materials, dirty or smelly objects, drugs, etc; (j) illegally transporting persons, either local or foreign, or committing illegal acts.
    The rental company is not responsible for any belongings of prospective customers or customers who ride in the rented vehicles, which were left in the vehicles either during the rental term, or any belongings which were left in the offices before the rental, or any belongings which were left elsewhere after the rental period. No authorized person may drive the vehicle unless approved by SUNTRAIL and listed in this rental agreement. In case the renter falsely declares that they hold a driving license issued at least one year ago or that they are over 23 years old, their liability is extended beyond this rental agreement, and criminal charges may apply. It is prohibited to leave Sifnos without the rental company's written consent. It is prohibited to drive the hired vehicle in violation of the traffic regulations currently in force. It is prohibited to park the vehicle in restricted areas. Any such illegal parking is the responsibility of the renter, in case the rental company suffers damages either positively (fine/penalty) for the illegal parking or infringement, or consequentially (by removal of the car registration plates). The renter is liable for any damage and for any losses the rental company may incur.
    Especially as far as motorcycles are concerned, in case it comes to the company's knowledge that the motorcycle carries more than 2 passengers, the renter shall return the rented motorcycle forthwith, as well as pay a penalty of €100, due to misuse.
    It is prohibited to drive any SUNTRAIL vehicle on a dirt road.
    The renter shall pay a penalty of €100 if the vehicle is driven on a dirt road
    The renter shall pay the rental fees at drop-off (unless otherwise agreed). Rental charges are calculated in 24-hour periods. For each hour of delay, the charge amounts to 1/5 of the agreed rate per hour (unless otherwise agreed).
    All prices and charges listed on the agreement are subject to VAT
    : If the renter wishes to extend the rental period of the vehicle, they shall notify SUNTRAIL at least twenty-four (24) hours before the rental period expires in order to obtain the relevant approval. If they fail to do so, they are liable to civil and criminal liability for the unlawful use and possession of the vehicle. In the event of rental term extension, the terms and conditions of both the original agreement as well as the extension agreement apply, whether it is the same vehicle or a replacement.
    The renter expressly agrees that SUNTRAIL shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages incurred by the renter or third parties during the term of rental and no claim may be brought against SUNTRAIL for the above mentioned cases.
    In the event of an accident or other incident (fire, theft, etc.), the renter or additional driver shall forthwith take the following steps: (a) not admit fault or guilt and any direct or indirect claims of third parties; (b) note the names and addresses of the eyewitnesses, as well as the name and address of the driver and the details of the vehicle with which the rented vehicle may have collided; (c) notify the police to verify the fault of the third party, and care for any existing injuries; (d) contact SUNTRAIL forthwith by telephone or other means (email etc.); (e) collect any relevant information from third parties; (f) photograph the location of the accident and the vehicles involved in the accident if possible. The renter is required to complete and sign an accident/theft statement for SUNTRAIL and to send any documents or information related to the accident to SUNTRAIL within twenty-four hours. In case of theft or loss of the vehicle, the renter shall report the incident in writing to the nearest police authority within twenty-four hours.
    The renter consents to the detailed registration of their personal data on a computer. It is expressly agreed that SUNTRAIL has the right to use this information when the renter makes false statements or violates the terms of this agreement during the rental period, and to transmit this information to the Local Authorities in case there is suspicion of a criminal or other offence.
    No vehicle shall be used outside Sifnos. Insurance does not cover any damage caused to the rented vehicle during its transportation.
    : (a) SUNTRAIL is the lawful owner of the vehicle, and this serves exclusively as a rental agreement. The renter can under no circumstances and on no account act as SUNTRAIL's agent. The renter acknowledges that they do not acquire any rights other than those mentioned in this agreement; (b) during the term of rental all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable with the renter; (c) similarly, in the event that an agent signs this agreement, they will be jointly and severally liable with the principal; (d) this agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreement between SUNTRAIL and the renter; (e) SUNTRAIL shall not waive its rights under the law and this agreement; (f) any amendment to the terms hereof is invalid unless agreed in writing; (g) the renter agrees and accepts that all the above terms are valid both as far as the original agreement with SUNTRAIL as well as the extension of the rental term and/or replacement of the originally rented vehicle are concerned; (h) in the event of a dispute arising regarding this agreement, the original copy that SUNTRAIL keeps supersedes; (i) the contracting parties acknowledge and accept all the terms of this Agreement as material and essential for the purposes hereof.
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